What is the difference between Test Condition and Test Scenario?

What is the difference between Test Condition and Test Scenario?

Ands 1:- Test condition is the condition which is the Process that you should follow to test an application.

Ex: – You Have Login Form.
Test Condition 1:- when User Name and Password are valid
Then application will move forward.
The above one is the test condition which is the basic Condition where that tests process will get pass.

Test Scenario:-Test Scenario will tell you the possible Ways of scenarios (ways) that an application can be tested.

For above Login Form you have simony ways of testing
I.E Positive testing .Negative Testing, B.V.A Like.

Explain the waterfall model in detail?

Every testing process follow the waterfall model of the
Testing process.
Test strategy and planning
Test design
Test environment setup
Test execution
Defect analysis and tracking
Final reporting

Waterfall Model:
It is a linear sequential model
It is very simple model to implement
It is the first model.
It needs very few resources to implement

In this model there is no back tracking.
For example if any error occurred an any Stage of software development, it can’t be Corrected in that build

Water fall model: – This is very simple model. It moves Like water fall from top to down of SDLC. The drawback of This model is ineffectiveness of verification and
Validation activities.

What is mean by mr?

MR means Modification request When ever the changes comes from the client then we call it As Modification request, from that MR business people will Find the impact analysis for particular MR

What are bug traceability matrix and its format?
Functional specify action name, Number, Design specification Number, Test case number, Test result, Test pass/fail, Defect Number, Defect status.

These all columns under traceability matrix format.